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Retro Cereal Bowl

Retro Cereal Bowl Scented Candles

Retro Cereal Bowl Scented Candles

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Welcome to Retro Cereal Bowl brand Scented Candles!
Hand made custom candle that looks like cereal. The scent of this candle smells just like the cereal depicted. This candle is 16 oz of wax and then comes with approx 30-50 pieces of cereal wax to top the bowl. When the candle is burned the wax pieces will give the candle a rainbow appearance as it burns and the pieces melt into the candle.

The candle has an average burn time of 30 hours. Or you can just set it as a center piece and enjoy the aroma without ever lighting the candle.
The bowl measures 6x6x4 which makes it the same size as a standard cereal bowl


Use: Home Decor

Type: Aromatherapy

Total Weight: 0.55kg

Shape: Cup-shaped


Material: Soy Wax

Handmade: Yes

Feature: Scented

Brand NameRCB Brand

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